A Calling To Visit Mexico

There have been countable times in my life when I feel my instinct is telling me to do something but on this occasion, I felt a strong calling to go to Mexico. The calling came about in many ways, more so when I started my first job in London and whilst commuting to work I would see signs that gave me reasons to say YES and follow my instinct!  It so happens that I had a desire to backpack Mexico and Central America but I let the thought slide because of negative publicity over drugs, poverty and safety. Even though I had researched this fascinating side of the world and fell in love with pictures and blogs I had read about Mexico’s warm vibrant culture and sheer natural beauty, I followed my head which justified logical reasons why now isn’t the right time to go.

It’s funny how signs pop up in your life in mysterious ways. I noticed the signs, ‘Visit Mexico,’ which were marketed on London billboards, posters and TFL services. Seeing the signs sparked up my excitement about actually doing just that – visiting Mexico. Although the signs were part of a marketing campaign, I felt like I saw it at the right time and I was in a good position to embark on an incredible backpacking journey in Mexico. My heart was saying be fearless. Be bold. Step out of your comfort zone. You are young, free and single! My head was quite the opposite and it is understandable to settle basic needs before reaching the next level of satisfaction.

I reached out on Lonely Planet Thorntree to find a travel partner. I have used the forum previously to look for a travel buddy and I got as far as making a few skype calls and Facebook friends. I wasn’t expecting a miracle this time to find a companion but to my amazement, a lady called Jo had the same travel plans to travel around the same time. I’d have to make practical decisions but the gateway was open and the odds in my favour. Things were falling into place and on 1st December, I took the plunge to book my flight ticket. Manchester, United Kingdom to Cancun, Mexico one-way ticket booked!

I learnt to follow my heart and the rest will follow. Dream more while you are awake. There is less chance of spontaneity with rigid plans and an inward mind. Have passion and live in the present. Looking back, buying that ticket was the best investment I could have made for myself. Travel is good for the soul. More news on that in an upcoming post!

I lift off my sombrero to Mex Citehh!

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