Inspirational Festival in San Marcos

Festival of Consciousness

March 18-21, 2016

The seventh year of running.  Located in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan


Meditation Workshop

The heart only knows unconditional love. Be in your heart not your head.

How much does it cost to make someone’s day? Nothing.

Think ‘the best to you’ //  ‘I wish you the best’.

A smile lifts your muscles and gives it strength.

A frown is downwards and you are weak.

Give love, receive love. Positive energy.

Champion your inner child. Where’s the sunshine in you?

Thinking time: The following exercise gave us time to acknowledge and give thanks for our body parts. Here’s an example. Create space for being present. Place your hand on your chest and start off saying:

‘I am a love centre. In my time. In my space. In my heart and I realise it’.

Oh my toes…. My heart loves you. It loves you so much. My toes feel so loved, they smile back at me. Or wiggle in some cases.

Showing love to a child. Below is my message of encouragement:

Dear sweet child,

You are beautiful. You are blessed from head to toe. Your heart beats with warmth and love. You radiate joy in people’s lives. Special child, you are strong and have so much potential. You are like a breath of fresh air. You bring happiness into this world. You are great and you are smart. I pray for your health, your safety and for strength. May you be protected against harm and evil. I pray you are guided along the full potentiality path of life. I believe in you. It is possible to achieve your dreams. Work hard and pursue your talent. You are a unique individual and I am very proud of you. You have always been loved, you are loved and you will always be loved by unconditional love.

Kisses and hugs blessed child

Keep smiling

x x x


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