Central America Antics


This piece of advice is so true and the great thing about travelling on the road is that you meet people from all walks of life.


Visiting the Copan ruins was like stepping back in time. There’s me with my explorers hat on curious to know more about the Mayan history and their way of making a life here. The Mayan rulers and the people used to eat, work, sleep and do everything in the ruins. That was their life, their work, their home.


Copan ruins was one of my top 3 ruins in Central America. I love the sculptures, the architecture and the colourful toucan birds.  We went at a time of year where there wasn’t a lot of people around so we took advantage of taking everything in, peacefully walking around and reading the signs on the Mayan history.


Birds: Welcome to our world. We are in this together. I have your back and vice versa. Our bond is love.


Macaw Mountain (bird sanctuary) is a must see in Copan! One of the Macaws walked up my arm and tried to bite my plaits and chew my necklace. I think we composed well for this photo!


El Tunco on a cloudy under forecast day. Check out the pig! The rock is shaped as a pig (hence the name El Tunco in Spanish).


Beautiful sunsets in El Tunco. A surfers paradise town plus a great stop to break up a very long bus journey to Nicaragua.


This lovely Mexican lady busks all around the world for her love of music and to make a few dollars along the way. I joined her and her local friends. We sang, we laughed, we shared stories.


Try the local food with different flavour fillings. Papusas are tasty!


It’s the people we meet along the way that create memories on our journey. This lady is a host for the local Balance and Yoga Retreat Centre. She took time out of her day to show me around the town and introduced me to her friends which was super sweet. Her English was really good. She came to El Tunco to start a better life and new job. I may not see her again but she I will remember her.

Speaking Spanish after coming from an English speaking country felt strange. We soon got back into the flow of practicing the language again.

Good bye El Tunco. Caught a shuttle to Nicaragua with two Irish ladies called Katie and Niamh and a German guy called Rainer.  

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