Pura Vida en Costa Rica

Pura Vida translates to ‘Pure Life’ or ‘Full of Life.’

I stayed in San Jose (the capital) for a couple of nights then caught a bus to Puerto Viejo, a tropical town by the Caribbean Sea. I really enjoyed Puerto Viejo; I enjoyed the Latino Caribbean vibe. Beautiful coastline beaches, colourful stall markets and a pumping weekend nightlife. The local food was ooohh so good but unfortunately it wasn’t fish season. A Turkish guy who lives in Puerto Viejo helped me navigate around the town and showed me cool non-touristic spots whilst introducing me to the locals and his friends. He’s a waiter and he invited me and my friends to eat at the restaurant. We returned most days and out of kindness, he sorted us out with a plentiful meal. Tasty grub! I rented out a bike and cycled up north and back, stopping at beaches. I was proud of myself for cycling for a good 6 hours. I was happy to spend time on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.



Fresh coconut cut with a machete


Selfie by a Costa Rican beach. I love the colourful top 🙂


Typical Costa Rican food — Carne, Arroz con Negros, Patacones y Ensalada


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