Black History Month


(Image from Google Images)

October 2016, Black History Month. We celebrate. We remember.

Black History Month. A time to remember and celebrate the contribution of black people in Britain.

It is important for young black people to know their roots; to know where they are coming from. To know the struggles their parents or grand/great parents went through to make a life and pave a way for the next generation to live a prosperous and better life. I encourage you to chat to you elders; to listen to their stories.

In remembrance of Black History Month, I am looking forward to:

. BBC’s Black and British season on television (David Olusoga’s BBC Two series) and BBC radio 1Xtra’s live discussion shows and 1Xtra’s Seani B’s new documentary, which is due to air in November.  

. Seeing my extended family

. Black music live

. Talks and presentations

. Reading online coverage

. Researching famous black contributors


I produced a radio documentary, called ‘Great Expectations’. It is available to listen to in the current exhibition gallery in the Brixton Black Cultural Archives Museum.



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