Urban Development’s Industry Takeover




The Industry Takeover All Dayer was hosted at Ravensbourne (next to the o2 Arena) on Saturday 1st October. The event was organised by Urban Development to inspire young people who want to get ahead in the music and creative industries. They teamed up with some key industry players: UK Music, Universal, Girls I Rate, Reprezent FM, Complex UK, GRM Daily and more. The all dayer featured workshops, seminars, 1 to 1 advice, networking and showcase with the opportunity open to the floor for discussion and debates.

The Beginners Guide to The Music Industry 

The music industry. It sounds glitz and glamour but what people forget is that sweat blood and drive goes into making success plus there is money to be made. Turning a passion into a career takes persistence, talent and smart thinking. Networking and work experience also helps. As well as in front of the camera personas, working behind the scenes can also be a fulfilling role.

Workshop chaired by Chris Cooke – CMUdiy.com (Complete Music Guide)

So what is the music industry?

The music industry consists of companies and individuals who work with artists to help them turn what they do into revenue (as noted on CMUdiy.com).

An artist can make money through live performance, intellectual property (content) and fan relationship. It starts with you, your music, building your fan base and selling (your shows, albums, merchandise etc.)

Introduction to the panel: Chris Cooke (CMUdiy.com), Anthony Layiwola (artist manager), Cat park (Ten Letter PR), Rich Castillo ( Polydor A&R) AND Simon Green (tour manager).


Top 4 advice for getting a career in the music industry:

·    Be proactive. Invest time, money and work in yourself

·    Be smart in you approach. Stay hungry to get it

·    Do something of your own to show your passion

·    Pay attention to what you need. Find out who can help you

Meet the platform: Powered by GRM Daily

GRM Daily is one of the UK’s biggest youth entertainment websites. What skills do you need to succeed in new digital media blogging?

Firstly, you need to know your market. GRM Daily’s content as abbreviated in the name is focused on Grime Rap Music. They have used new media platforms to reach people. The platforms are used to showcase the UK’s grime and rap culture talent. On the website, GRM Daily features video interviews with artists and on Twitter they build hype before upcoming events. They analyse the data and make room for improvements. The team has expanded over the years and everyone has individual roles to contribute to the success. “Eat, Live and Breathe music”.

The Importance of Music Publishing: Powered by MPA

Chaired by Claire Mcauley (general manager, MPA), Graham Featherstone (Featherstone Music), Helen Papaleontiou (SONY/ATV Music Publishing), Kennedy Mensah (CEO, Back 2 Da Future Music), Mulika Sannie (Kobalt Music Group).

PRS (for music) stands for Performing Rights Society. PRS has over 118,000 members, whom they collect income for. That’s right – it is the PRS’ job to represent the members rights when it comes to collecting money on their behalf. PRS protects the value of music copyright. Members can be songwriters and composers. A song has to be registered. Every time your song is utilised – e.g. played in a venue, on the radio, on television; that’s when you get paid. Even in a film, a synchronisation licence to sync a song to a film. And that’s right – you guessed it – every time that film is played, royalty fees are paid. As for radio airplay, say Radio 1 will write up and submit a cue sheet which is sent off to pay royalties for the music played. More on PRS on the official PRS for Music website.

Girls I Rate: The Women Behind UK Music

Chaired by BBC Journalist Colleen Harris. From left to right, the panel: Melody Kane (DJ), Vicky Bain (CEO BASCA), Leila Singh (Media PR/Eskimo Dance), Carla Marie Williams (Songwriter/Publisher) and Paigey Cakey (Artist).


Inspirational women from across the UK’s music industry spoke at the ‘Who Run The World? Girls! The Women Behind UK Music’ workshop. They discussed their career routes, the opportunities available for women plus the challenges and triumphs of women in the business!

Girls I Rate, founded by Carla Marie Williams, was launched on International Women’s Day. It was set up to champion women and celebrate collaboration with other women. Vicky shared with the audience an insightful statistic. Out of the 100,000 PRS for Music members, 80% were men compared to 20% women.

The ladies shared some great advice about getting into the industry.

·    ‘If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast, go alone’ – saying. Collaboration ladies!

·    ‘No’ is not to be taken personal. Don’t stop striving for what you want

·    Hard work and vision for yourself

·    Balance of talent and beautiful (does not have to be sexualized)

·    Target the right people – think about your approach – you could use social media and networking events

·    Make a plan – take the time to write down your goals and where you want to go

·    The representation of women has vast improved. Women still speak of sabotages and hinges but there are opportunities for all


Hear Carla Marie talk about the process of writing two of Beyonce’s songs: Freedom and Runnin’

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