Personal Power Declaration

# MondayMorningMotivation!

BRENDON BURCHARD, a Number 1 New York Times Bestselling Author, wrote a book that resonates with me. It’s titled: The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power.

The Motivation Manifesto book allows you to reflect on your life and ask yourself – are you really enjoying the pleasures of life here and now. Are you experiencing personal freedom?

I had the booked shipped from New York to my home address and started annotating chapters of the book. I rate Brendon Burchard’s life-coaching skills and I have learnt from his on-line tutorials and webinar sessions. Here is some of my thoughts on the contents of the book:

We are all unique and special individuals who are on our own personal journeys in life. Of course, life isn’t always a smooth sailing journey. There are challenges and accomplishments, knockbacks and turnarounds. With all the life-coaster events is a story – your life story. Think about it – in years to come, do you want to reflect on your life and be filled with satisfaction or regret? You are the director of your own life. You can carve the life that you want to live, be happy every day and enjoy the plethora of beauty this world offers us.

For many of us, our dream ideal life may be thought of as not possible because of personal reasons and excuses. We think small instead of greatness and shrink ourselves to become receptors of our external environment. We wait for a special day or for something to miraculously happen or a time to break free from social constraints. We give ourselves excuses as to why we have put our life on hold and we wait and wait. We only get one shot at life. Truly live it the way that brings you happiness. Really think about it and back up with action. Give yourself permission to invest time in you and what is important to you. Then my friend, you will be on the road to declaring personal power.

In his book, Brendon Burchard talks about the 9 Declarations of Personal Power. Please refer to his book for in-depth explanation:

·    We Shall Meet Life With Full Presence and Power

·    We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda

·    We Shall Defeat Our Demons

·    We Shall Advance With Abandon

·    We Shall Practice Joy And Gratitude

·    We Shall Not Break Our Integrity

·    We Shall Amplify Love

·    We Shall Inspire Greatness

·    We Shall Slow Time


The Motivation Manifesto book is a call to reclaim our own lives and find our own personal freedom. What does personal freedom mean to you?

If we look at history, the fight for freedom was of that so the masses could have personal freedom. Emmeline Pankhurst fought for women’s rights. Nelson Mandela had a long walk to freedom. Mahatma Gandhi wanted freedom for the full expression of his personality. In this modern day and age, we as individuals can choose our own goals and what we aspire to achieve as a motivation in life. In clarifying what Personal Freedom is, Brendon wrote it is, ‘liberty from the restrictions of social oppression and the tragic self-oppression that is fear. When experiencing Personal Freedom, we have a heightened sense of genuineness and joy in our being.’ (page 4 & 5)

We feel self-reliant and responsible for our happiness and actions. We grace the world with our authentic selves – ‘this is me’ flaws and all. The way we relate to each other and contribute to the world is reflective of our aliveness and energised self. Below are a number of personal freedom goals:

·    Living a charged life full of vibrancy and meaning of our own terms

·    Enjoying our free will to pursue abundant happiness, wealth, will, achievement and contribution

·    Being free in the moment from oppression, of past hurts and present anxieties

·    Courageously speaking our thoughts, feelings and ambitions with those around us, without concern about acceptance


I ask you, looking at every aspect of your life, are you truly happy? Have you found your calling; your motivations in life? The golden ticket of personal power is in your hand. Live Your Life To The Fullest.

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