Festive Cook Up

Now is the time of year to get down to business in the Kitchen. Oh yes – I’m talking about a big cook up where everyone brings at least a dish to the table for the family to eat! Flavours from back home and our traditional family dishes as well as some del-icio-us sweet treats. My belly was very excited but I was even more so to bake for our dessert. My nearby Aunty and Uncle and Grandma was here to join in the merriness. Oooh ‘its starting to feel a lot like Christmas’ ♥   



From left photo to right: What do you do with raisons and wine? Stir it up! Stir it up good and proper and leave to soak. Mix it into your home-made rum cake mixture and bake in a pre-heated oven. When cooked, pour rum to soak into cake and leave to cool.

I learnt from my wise aunty how to make Jollof Rice. She makes it from the top off her head using her judgement. For future reference, I tried my best to write a recipe for it.

A photo of my sister, grandma and I by the worktop focused on our cooking. A favourite of mine is fried Plantain and I made use of all the three for a pound Plantains we had. My sister was preparing scrumptious chocolate chunky cookies. Wonderful baker she is. Cooking always brings a smile to my gran’s face ;))


What’s cooking?

Macaroni Cheese (a family favourite), Soup for the Soul, Seasoned Meatballs (Mum’s recipe) and Succulent Chicken.


Bon appetite! For starters, Neck of The Lamb Vegetable Soup with Home-Made Wholemeal Bread


Din Dins! For mains, Macaroni Cheese, Jollof Rice with Chicken, Beef Mince, Plantain, Shredded Cheese and Salad. Served with Home-Made Sorrel Drink.

¡Buen provecho! For dessert: selection of Dairymilk Ice-Cream and Cheesecake, Milk Chocolate Cookies, Butter Chocolate Brioche and Rich Rum Cake.

This was a great cook up and very tasty 3-course meal. I very much enjoyed the experience with three generations cooking in the kitchen. Very special.

Blessings and best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year. May it be prosperous for you. Thank you for reading.



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