Living Life Like It’s Golden

New Year…New Beginnings….Happy 2017!

Brendon Burchard’s book Life’s Golden Ticket is a story about second chances.
Here’s some food for thought…

What if you were to receive a golden ticket to magically start your life anew? A ticket to freedom – social and personal. A chance to create your life the way how you want it to be. A chance to start living and being responsible for your personal growth, goals and well-being. A chance to reclaim the life you were destined to live.

In the book Life’s Golden Ticket, some interesting stories and discoveries are told of a man who has been told to visit an abandoned amusement park by his on-the-deathbed partner. She hands him a mysterious envelope that leads him on a life changing path. He visits an amusement park of memories to Mary his wife, as she witnessed her brother fall for his death from a ride and she couldn’t save him. We learn that all throughout her teen and adult life she has stored up ill feelings of guilt and acceptance. The man, the narrator, also experienced events in his childhood which he carried those feelings throughout his life. It affected his relationships, work and social life. In the book, he meets people (a grounds keeper, a hypnotist, a fortune teller, a lion tamer, performers and a wizard) in different parts of the amusement park who help him reflect on how his past has affected the way he has lived and is living his life. He confronts the roots of his anger by reliving painful encounters with his abusive father, who abandoned him as a teenager when his mother died. Henry, the grounds keeper leads the narrator through the good, bad and ugly moments of his past and in Mary’s. He decides that he needs to make peace with his past and change to become a better person. But first he needs to know what he wants to make a change.

We learn that the man is so trapped in the prison of his past that he can’t see the possibilities, the beauty of life and the gifts before him.

Enclosed in the envelope is a golden ticket, which is the point in turning the sorrow and regret of his life into a triumphant tale of love and redemption. and to order the book for free (pay only p+p) click here




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