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Solange features on the front cover and talks to Beyoncé in an exclusive edition of this months Interview Magazine. They spoke about the album ‘A Seat at the Table’, womanism, early childhood memories and achievements.

Following the release of Solange’s album last September, the singer received gratitude and praise for the empowerment and creativity of her latest project, which was also awarded ‘Album of The Year’ by Vibe and Pitchfork. Her voice graces our ears with a vulnerable, sweet and pure tone that is further strengthened through self-written lyrics. Solange invites us to take a seat and have a “up-close and personal experience.” Like never before, the audience gets to know Solange – an incredible artist in her own right, in a way that you would see or hear her.


The album has interludes of mini-monologues told by her family and friends. She explained it was important for her to communicate stories and thoughts through song and she is a better person for it. Since a young age, she’s always had a creative hat on – expressing her ideas through dance, poetry, songwriting and devising projects. Raised in close knit family, she’s always had a lot to say.

For the last 3 / 4 years, she worked on something special – a wonderfully crafted piece of artwork co-produced, written and visually presented her the woman herself. She’s a strong female who has control over her career and has equally stayed true to who she is and what she believes in. She is happy with the solace the album has given women, especially black women and the conversations that have started because of it.


Solange lives in New Orleans with her son Julez and husband Alan. She runs her record labelSaint Records and an online cultural and music hub called Saint Heron.

She is due to perform at Houston Super Bowl Live Festival in February.

Read the written version of the telephone interview here: Interview Mag 

Click the SoundCloud link below to hear the meaning and breakdown of her song ‘Cranes In The Sky’ :

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