EastEnders & National TV Awards

Disaster strikes in the EastEnders market with an explosive bus crash leaving some of the Albert Square residents shaken and fearful for their loved ones.

There is a strong community spirit in Watford and when things need to be done, the community pulls together. Martin Fowler was left trapped under a double decker bus and Max Branning banded the locals together to lift the bus off the ground (without a crane) to get Martin….and after hearing a familiar mobile ringtone, Mick Carter later discovers that Whitney may be trapped underneath. DOOFDOOF!

I found an interview online with EastEnders co-director Toby Frow. He talks with DigitalSpy.co.uk about the message behind this weeks episodes.

The bus crash wasn’t just a stunt. The producers and directors wanted it to be about the community and the people working together to help each other. That’s what makes this crash different. The story was about the people in the crash rather than focusing on the actual stunt. Toby Frow explains what goes into planning such an episode…..

“You start by thinking about the different expertise that you’re going to need … the stunt coordinators, the people who are doing the crash. You have to think about how you’re going to manage to put so many people into harm’s way. So I started by thinking ‘how can we do this safely, dramatically?’ And how we make it a story where we care about the people in the middle.”


The scenes were filmed on single camera with shots of Go Pro footage and mobile camera videos also making the edit. There was a big production team working backstage including a first and co-director, stunt coordinators, stunt doubles (wide shot of Keegan jumping down from bus) and second unit team working on tube scenes and interiors.

The style of shooting was different from what the audience would usually see.

“Above all else.. It’s about making sure the audience are totally immersed in the fear and the experience of living through something like this.”

“When you look at something like that you don’t know how to react. It happened with Carmel at the start and Mick at the end of the episode – you want to freeze time and that’s what those shots filmed on a different camera were about. It gives you a chance to play with sound in a way you don’t normally get to on this show. We wanted to take that moment of reality and stretch it out.”

At the start of the week, there is conflict between different characters and as the events turns out, the audience sees that the devastation unites each other rather than dividing them. Here’s Toby Frow’s closing thoughts on the audience:

It’s about being in touch with what makes you human at the end of the day. The fact you instinctively run towards someone in need, rather than run away. That happens again and again in the episode. People are just reacting instinctively to help people they know and that they don’t know. I guess that’s the over-arching theme of the week, the humanity.”


There is still time to vote for the National Television Awards! Please see the official http://www.nationaltvawards.com/ website for categories and to make your vote count!


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