2017 Chinese New Year


Welcome the year of the Rooster! Saturday 28th January 2017 is the start of the Chinese Lunar Year.

The Chinese New Year begins a year of the Fire Rooster! For those who aren’t familiar with Chinese astrology, there are 12 Zodiac animal signs, all with different elements – gold, wood, fire, earth and water.

The year of your animal birth sign comes once per 12 year cycle. Only once in every 12 years is a Rooster year. With the probability being 1 in 12, there are a number of world famous Roosters including:  Bob Marley, Martin Luther king III, Stephen Fry, Dawn French, Jools Holland and Jennifer Lopez.

The Zodiac sign and element are believed to influence one’s personality and destiny. According to BBC Chinese news, The characteristics of a Fire Rooster is: ‘Trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work.’

The start of the Chinese lunar calendar is a big celebration for people who believe in the Zodiac signs. Even a week leading up to the day, there are celebrations taking place. The Chinese public holiday starts from Chinese New Years Eve to 6 days later.

If you want to get involved, there is no need to book a flight ticket to join in the festive fun – there are many activities in Central London and across the U.K. There will be colourful floats, arts, crafts, entertainment and traditional Lion and Dragon dances.

May this New Chinese Year bring prosperous blessings and good health.

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