Ghost In The Shell Exhibition

I got my hands on two complementary tickets via NME to attend the Ghost in The Shell Exhibition. The celebratory launch was held at Lights of Soho. My sister and I went together and we were impressed by the transformation of the venue into a completely interactive and high-tech immersive pop-up experience. There were 2D/3D projections of snapshots from the film like the one below which looks like my sister is escaping from an explosion #boom!


We took some fun photos in the photo booth and got it printed in gloss. I think I’ll use the email version to print and frame on my work desk. Walking through the venue, we saw a dark arched room with fairy lights and velvet sofas. Also a room with blue and pink lighting with a sofa at the back and a pole in the middle. No guesses for what that’s for?!

Walking around the intimate venue, we were amazed and wowed by the futuristic look.



There was a screening of a quite haunting projection to watch (watch below):


In the ladies bathroom was burning incense. The scent and low light was atmospheric. I experimented using my phone camera taking an OTS mirror shot with a smoke like look.


We enjoyed the one hour experience in the exhibition. Looking forward to seeing Scarlett Johansson star in this futuristic world film when it hits cinemas nationwide on March 30th.



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