Depeche Sound at Stratford Stadium

British electronic band Depeche Sound were a big hit in the 80’s. Songs: ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ are some of the favourites they performed live during their 30 years or so comeback at London’s Stratford Stadium. I was fortunate to work at the stadium and enjoy the concert vibes in between pouring drinks. Depeche Sound certainly rocked out! The fans were warmed with excitement over their performance and towards the end the stadium lit up with phone lights and fans started singing in the rain. What a moment! It was a pleasure to dip in and out to watch their performance.

This night was memorable for another reason. So far, the British headline news are about a London Terror Attack, in which three men acted to mowed over pedestrians in London Bridge and stab at random in Borough Market. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and we remember the tremendous efforts of our Emergency Services.


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