Isle of Wight

Looking for a holiday getaway without the flying? Look no further than the British Channel Islands. For our family break, we visited the Isle of White for 3 days and enjoyed it to the max! We booked a fantastic deal on Travelzoo for a 2-night stay at the Royal Esplanade Hotel including breakfast, one night’s dinner, superior sea-room view, complimentary drink and it was conveniently located close to the town centre and WightLink Ferry. 

Although it was only 2 nights, it actually felt like a mini break holiday and what’s more is the weather was wonderfully warm over the weekend, which makes all the difference. It rained on the last day and I felt like it was mother nature’s subtle way of saying it’s time to go home. From the countryside relaxed pace to the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The Isle of Wight is a popular tourist destination among the Brits. You don’t need a passport to get there and it’s around 3-hours journey from London. It hosts popular events such as the Isle of Wight festival, IOW Pride, the open air cinema experience and more. It’s well connected to/from Southampton and Portsmouth – only a short ride away to be ferried to the island. Great for tourists and for those who fall in love with the IOW, you can invest in property for around the one million pound mark!

What did we get up to? On the first night, we treated ourselves to a three course dinner. Superb top notch food (heads up to the chef), a welcoming service and a chilled out atmosphere to wine and dine. Luxury!

On the second day, we took the tourist Downs Breezer bus around the east of the island. We got off at the vineyard stop and it was such a trek to get down to the bottom of the steep hill! We reaped the rewards afterward as our efforts was worth it. We took photos in the beautiful, colourful garden and in the vineyard shop, we bought delicious beer, red wine and chocolates as souvenirs. 

Later in the afternoon, we hit the beach (let’s go get a wave). Oh yes – Sandown beach is a popular destination on the east coast with lots of souvenir and food shops nearby. In the evening, we headed back to Ryde and lounged in the communal area to watch the Wimbledon Championships. Horrahh. We thought we’d support the local Caribbean restaurant by having our dinner there. 

Here’s something unusual that I spotted – 2 for 1 – a barber shop and a bar!

the gambling man

I’m writing this on my coach journey back to London. It’s been a wonderful experience with three generations of my family enjoying a break away together. 

Signed me 


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