Oscar Nominated Writer/Director Mike Figgis

A networking night with Shooting People and Oscar Nominated Writer/Director Mike Figgis. 

Located at Hackney Picturehouse, the highlights of the night were the discussion and Q&A with Mike Figgis as well as experimenting with a FigRig. The Manfrotto FigRig looks a bit like a car wheel (circular frame) which you can hand grip either side and smoothly glide around. It’s a stabilising system which smoothly supports HDSLRs or camcorders while acting as a frame to support mount accessories like lights, mics and more. It’s a useful bit of kit as it allows you flexibility, unobtrusive filming and expanded creativity to employ an idea in your film.

Mike is a well experienced filmmaker and shares his vision for storytelling. You may recognise his work credited in Leaving Last Vegas, Internal Affairs, Timecode and The Sopranos.

At the start of his career, he found it a challenge to break into the film industry. He tried to get into film school but was unsuccessful as he had to have either made a film or have a union card. He had neither but was determined enough to think OK if I can’t study then I will make films – simple as that. Classic example of the saying: when there’s a will there is a way! Fast forward some years and he ended up giving a masterclass at the National Film and Television school. He has crafted his niche in Film Making. 

Figgis used to read professional filmmaking books but he found the text too complex. He recommends that the best way is to know your theory and experiment through practice! He says that as a director he has to keep reminding himself of the original idea. He is the author of the book The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. His latest release is a new screenwriting book, which is available to read online and in major book stores. 

Shooting people organised this event. SP is the UK’s leading independent leading filmmaker’s network that helps filmmakers bring their ideas to the big screen. Members of the SP community have access to perks like finding contributors/cast/crew, funding opportunities, training, monthly meetings, promotion of your short film and more. 




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