One Year On Travels 

‘If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of feet’ – he said

One year has gone by since I backpacked Central America. Lifelong memories and nine passport stamps richer, I’d like to share this write-up on reflection of the incredible journey I experienced. Travelling teaches you to be curious, appreciative and open minded.

One of the best decisions I made was booking a one way ticket to Mexico. Even against the odds of the Zika Virus outbreak and broadcast news about drugs in Latin America, I saw those signs as a test to my desire whether to say yes to change and invest time in me by travelling that side of the world. How did I make a dream a reality? With research and action. I found a travel partner on Lonely Planet Thorntree and we created a research document and flexible itinerary. Research helped me look beyond Broadcast journalism to the reality of the plethora of beauty and culture in Latin America. Truth is, there is sin all over the world and plenty happenings not broadcasted on the news. I wanted to form my own perception of Central America. There’s nothing like being there in the country to explore for yourself. I find that fascinating.

I was reassured by my research, travel partner and good faith before my travels. Travel helps you get a better sense of people and culture. What was exhilarating was waking up and feeling joy and blessed it’s a new day. That feeling is refreshing.

The people you meet on the way is a great part of the experience. You meet people from all walks of life. Spend time with people then you learn more about the world. I gave myself a mission- to learn Spanish. It’s an achievement that I made it through a Spanish speaking continent with basic Spanish to communicate. I made some Latino friends who I still keep in contact with on What’s App.

I look back on my experience and am glad I made the decision to go. Central America is like a playground, a dream world with so much fun to be had. I came back home with a greater sense of appreciation, better sense of people and culture and a better sense of self.  My travels sparked a fire in me to find a job doing something I love on a daily #MediaCareer.

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