Mobile Journalism 

Welcome to the world of MOJO, short for Mobile Journalism! This week, BBC Academy is hash tagging #MOJOweek and posting articles on how to create great videos using your mobile phone! According to BBC Academy, MOJO is another way of storytelling where reporters use smartphones to tell news stories. Mobile Journalists tell stories using their mobile phone to record film, video and audio/vox pops.

There’s a new generation of filmmakers telling their story to the world. Here’s some kit advice to help you get set up. The essentials are a Mobile Tripod, Shoulderpod, Gimbal and Microphone. Recommended editing apps include Filmic Pro, Pinnacle and Final Cut Pro X. You can produce high quality on IPhone and Android.

You, the user, have the power to be the creator of your own story and distribute it online. So how can you use your smart phone to tell a story? You have most likely heard of, or used Facebook Live, Messenger Stories, Snapchat Stories, Instagram Live etc. You can use these apps and your in-build camera phone to capture your story and broadcast to the world. There have been a number of documentaries shot on a smartphone that have been released. Filmmakers too can use mobile phone technology to record film tasters, short / long length videos and upload online to share with the world.

Happy MOJO exploring and get out there to tell your story!


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