Presenting Academy

Brian Naylor – Global Training Director at TV Training Academy

I booked a space to attend a presenters workshop via Eventbrite. It was a very knowledgeable and interesting session with Brian and if anything, I took away that you can create your own luck. Champion your inner strength and share your talent with the world! Here’s a stat for thought – communication: 7% words, 38% tonality and 55% visual. Align all three to efficiently communicate.

Top Tips:

. Energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence

. Preparation is key! Knowledge is power! Learn your messages and speak in topic language

. The best presenters don’t present. Be yourself. Actors bring out character, presenters are authentically themselves

. Golden rules: Body language, eye contact, look into camera as if you are talking to one person, know industry terms, be super clued up on certain topics and things never go 100% right but your attitude is the sway factor.

. The three C’s – charm, charisma and confidence

. Practice before on-screen persona: working to time, interviewing technique, talkbacks, multi-cam, handling props, scriptwriting, mic tech and location

. Use NLP techniques to get you in the right mind space

. Don’t wait for opportunity. Create your own opportunities by being proactive. Talent + action = act now not years down the line. Create a action plan!


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